"Ice Breakers" by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Did you ever read one of those books that gave you an “ah-ha moment?” Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s book “Ice Breakers” is one such book. When I read it, it dawned on me that the skills taught in the book are simple that they ought to be logical to everybody, but of course if they were, we wouldn’t need the book, now would we?

One of the most important lessons we learn right off the bat are some key phrases that will help us to always get a “yes” answer, as long as our question is something within reason. Tom says, “Would it be OK if you learn 5 words that almost every time you say them, the answer is ‘yes?’ And would it be OK if almost every time you say these words, your prospect will nod their head uncontrollably? And would it be OK if you write these 5 words down?” Anybody want to make a guess what those 5 words are? If you don’t know, “Would it be OK if… ” I tell you?

It works!!!! If you don’t believe me try it for yourself. Ask your husband… RIGHT NOW… call him up, if he’s not right in front of you, text him on his cell phone, or IM him on Facebook… and say… “Would it be OK if I make twice as much money as you?” What man would be crazy enough to say “no” to that? I know, half the guys reading this right now are thinking, “Man, if my wife made twice as much money as me, I could quit my job.” Admit it, you know it’s true!!

Guys, call up your wife and say “I just found out there’s a half-price sale at the shoe store, but it’s only for the next hour.” I’ll bet no matter what your wife is doing… even if she’s piloting an ultra-lite aircraft off of that mountain behind your house, she’s coming in for a quick landing, and heading straight for that shoe store where the sale is.

Then Tom teaches, let’s put some of these phrases together and make a new phrase that gets the response we want, so how about “I’m just curious, would it be OK if you found a moisturizer that was clinically proven to be more effective at relieving the symptoms of eczema that the leading dermatologist recommended brand?” Or, “I’m just curious, would it be OK if you could tighten and tone your body in 45 minutes while you’re watching TV without any exercise?”

The point to be made her is no matter what you are marketing, the old words that people are used to saying and hearing, are no longer working, so now it’s time to learn some new words that have been tested and proven to work. I posted a message in a group on Facebook the other day that said “Some people in Easton are going to have 6 months paid vacation twice a year and a new car for FREE every 3 years.” Within 60 seconds, I had ten people asking “who and how?” I got the positive response that I wanted to get, and it was just as I was taught by Tom.

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